Discover a set of Artisanal goods, providing of the work of Norman monasteries and abbeys.

Ypocras :

The artisanal distillery of Eyguebelle, in the southeastern of France, inherits of the know-how of the monastery of Aiguebelle. It is called, ypocras, ipocras, hypocras, hippocras, it was drunk in the whole medieval Europe. It is a mixture of liquors, syrup and local wine with oriental spices (cinnamon, ginger…) and African spice called graine de paradis. Ypocras is a convivial aperitif. It could be used as a digestive drink.


Marmelades :

Goods made by Cisterciens in l’Abbaye de la Trappe des Gardes à Saint-Georges des Gardes (49)

The Notre-Dame des Gardes Abbey, is situated in the department of the Maine et Loire, in 30km in the south of Angers close to Chemillé.

The community belongs to the Citeaux Order. With ancient traditions and heritage, nowadays, the community is composed of 30 sisters. They live in loneliness and prayer, with a liturgical rhythm. They have a simple life and they chose to leave everything to follow the Christ in loneliness and silence. For years sisters of the Notre Dame des Gardes Abbey have an excellent reputation in the making marmalade and pâtes de fruit.

Purses : Artisanal leather in the heart of the region Auvergne.

Jean-Paul makes you discover his passion on the work of leather. He handled this noble material for 20 years, respecting the French tradition.
He creates each model researching a balance between esthetic, originality and utility.

Techniques :
Our products are made in the workshop

Alexion : the essential of the nature to relieve you

The drink with 52 plants – fortifying and tonic

In the Abbey of Aiguebelle, in the last century, they distilled medicinal plants ; nowadays, they prepare the Alexion, a drink fortifying and tonic, with 52 plants. Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, Alexion is especially recommended in moment of tiredness and permit to support an intensive effort. Adapted for all the family, this drink can be served very fresh as aperitif.
Each plant in the Alexion possesses its own qualities and its association contributes to the success of this drink.

The library presents a set of diversified books about : gardens, house, architecture, castles, Middle-Age, youth and so on…

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Established in a Viking site, Pirous’ fortified castle was founded in the 12th century. The old legend of the geese is one of the most popular in the Cotentin ; it pretends to link the origin of the castle to the Scandinavian invasions.

A fortified castle dates from the 12th century...

Situated in the region of Coutances, it is situated in 8km in the southwest of Lessay and in 1,2km of the beach.

Artisanal goods

Come to discover a set of goods issued from the artisanal work of Normand monasteries and abbeys and somewhere else….

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